Competence and quality


The Sturm GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of wooden fire and sound insulation doors for the yachting and shipbuilding, and for 25 years, the problem solver when it comes to specialty doors. The specialty of the company are individual and special units from wood to protect against fire, smoke, burglary and noise.


Annually, more than 2,500 of these individual doors are manufactured and marketed from Unken.

Meanwhile, the company from Salzburg supplies, with its approximately 55 employees, in addition to the shipbuilding customers the hotel sector, historic preservation, the industrial and private sectors.


The custom made doors "made in Austria" are in demand not only in Austria. The export share exceeds 45%. Whether to protect from fire, smoke or sound, burglar or gunshots, Sturm security doors are characterized by individuality, innovative technology and by proven quality.


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